Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bail allowed for remaining two of Facebook 8-Bangkok Post

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One of the eight administrators of a Facebook page making fun of the prime minister is brought to the Military Court on May 10, 2016 as police sought to detain him and seven other people for 12 more days. (Bangkok Post file photo)

The remaining two administrators of a Facebook page that mocked the prime minister have been allowed bail after being detained for 73 days.

Unlike the other six administrators of the page, Harit Mahaton and Natthika Worathaiyawich also faced a lese majeste charge based on their Facebook chat messages.

The Military Court granted them temporary release on bail at noon on Friday, with a surety of 500,000 baht each, according to Vinyat Chartmontri, their lawyer. They were expected to be released from prison on Friday evening.

The pair, together with six other people, were arrested on April 27 for running the "เรารักพล.อ.ประยุทธ์" (We Love Gen Prayut) Facebook page and were charged with violating the 2007 Computer Crime Act and with inciting unrest under Section 116 of the Criminal Code. All denied the charges.

On May 10, the Military Court allowed the eight suspects bail with surety of 200,000 baht each when police sought the second period of detention. But the investigators immediately further detained Mr Harit and Ms Natthika on the lese majeste charge.

Thai law allows investigators to detain suspects for not more than 48 hours from the moment they are taken to a police station. They may detain them further for up to seven periods of 12 days each, with court approval, but not more than 84 days in total.

-Bangkok Post


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